As you all know, if you have a boiler you have to carry out periodical checks, especially before the arrival of the big cold.

The questions about the necessary controls are as many as there are doubts about when the blue vignette is compulsory for the boiler. Let’s try, then, to make some clarity.

First of all what is the blue vignette? It is nothing more than a certification issued by a qualified technician to certify the correct functioning of the plant, its good health and its correct functioning also in terms of emissions.

In this way you can be assured that your boiler does not cause damage to the environment through the release of toxic or polluting substances.

The blue vignette is associated with the revision of the boiler and you must request it as a result of the inspection carried out by the technician. I remind you that with the entry into force of the legislation on the matter, the revision of the boiler has become compulsory, although there is still some confusion about it.

We try to make a little order, analyzing the reference rules, costs, timing and how to obtain the blue vignette.

What does the legislation say and who carries out the checks?

Legislative Decree 311 of 2006 clearly says when the blue vignette is compulsory for the boiler. The text, in fact, stipulates that since 2005 each heating system regulated by the boiler of each Italian city must have the blue vignette.

Since 2014, this obligation has also been extended to air conditioning systems, for which the blue vignette must be affixed to the installation booklet.

The first check of the system is done immediately after the installation of the boiler, that is when it is switched on for the first time.

This step can absolutely not be done with the do-it-yourself. In fact, technicians qualified for this service must be compulsorily accredited by the municipality. They will, in fact, deal with the compilation of the booklet and the affixing of the blue vignette.

The technicians, then, have the task of transmitting the outcome of the control to the institution, which can be the municipality itself or even the province and the region. In this way your system will be controlled and perfectly aligned with the respect of the environment.

With regard to the period of the year during which you devote to these operations, the Council is to put you at least one month before the start of your boiler. In this way you can check in advance any problems in the operation of the system and intervene promptly.

How much does the boiler control have to be done?

The law stipulates that the time to know how much the boiler control is to be done varies according to the power of the plant. The periodicity of the controls ranges from 12 to 48 months, depending on the capacity of the plant and the fuel it uses.

Following the regulations in force the boiler certification checks must be carried out:

  • For gas, methane or LPG, every 4 years after the first ignition
  • For liquid or solid fuel heating systems with power between 10 and 100 kw, every 2 years
  • For boilers exceeding 100 kw, checks must be carried out every year.

Who is responsible for the request of the blue vignette?

We have said that the control of the boiler should be carried out by skilled technicians and that, for no reason, you have to try to put your hands on the plant of your boiler.

Remember, therefore, to ensure that those who come to carry out this check are properly enabled to perform this function.

It is up to all the owners to make use of the qualified technician to carry out the inspection, respecting the time-limit of the revision.

Also, you must make sure that the technician is checking the blue sticker on the booklet.

In the event that the latter forgets, the responsibility is not to be imputed to those who physically carry out the maintenance but will be the owner of the plant to be obliged to supervise the correct application of the provisions of the legislation.
How do the boiler revision and the subsequent release of the Blue vignette occur?

During the overhaul, the boiler is checked for proper operation in winter conditions. It is this, in fact, the period during which the plant performs the maximum of its work, at least until the beautiful days will bring you to turn it off to enjoy the summer heat.

After performing the inspection, the technician in charge notes on the installation booklet the interventions and checks carried out on the boiler and completes the “Maintenance Technical inspection report”.

This document contains important information about the plant and is formulated in three copies: one is issued to the owner of the revised boiler, the other must be stored by the maintenance company and the last copy is sent to the body that controls the correct execution for the release and renewal of the blue vignette.

In most cases this organ coincides with the municipality, if the number of inhabitants is greater than 40 thousand, or with the province, when the municipality in which you live does not exceed 40 thousand inhabitants.
How much does it cost to have… and not have the blue vignette?

The costs related to the maintenance of the boiler and the release of the blue vignette are variable from region to region. Usually the total cost is around 180 euros.

In detail, ordinary maintenance is usually valued at around 70-80 euros, which must be added to the control of boiler fume revision, which costs approximately 190 euros.

It is possible, however, to save a little, opt for the subscription of service contracts formulated by specialized companies that offer their users the convenience packages, within which a defined number of controls is included. The savings, in these cases, are around 10%.

Those who have a slightly dated system with an energy efficiency not particularly high can also take advantage of the 65% deduction in force until 31 December 2016, for the purchase of a new boiler, for example with condensation system.

But what could happen to those who, contravention as determined by the law, wanted to try to skip the obligatory request of the blue vignette?

Failure to revise the boiler may result in very salty fines as a result of appropriate controls demonstrating the owner’s abstention.

In the event of the absence of the blue vignette, in fact, the pecuniary sanction can go from a minimum of 500 euros up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. In this way, you should adhere to the regulations and do not risk.

The Blue vignette: It is the right time to make sure that you are in

Now that we have explained what it is, how it gets, how much it costs and when the blue vignette is obligatory for the boiler you just have to check your plant and check to be perfectly in line with what is foreseen by Italian law.

Now that you know when the blue vignette is obligatory for the boiler I give you one last tip: know that a boiler that works well lightens both the air you breathe but also your bills. In addition, if you are in a long time you do not run the risk of finding bad surprises of the last minute. So I recommend doing it before the intense cold comes to visit you!