Remember when to connect to the Internet it was necessary to wait several seconds, in some cases minutes, while the modem was connected to the network with that annoying metallic noise?

Those times have now passed, the Internet connection arrives in the homes through the ADSL coverage and without having to do any special operations. Once the computer is turned on, the connection is automatic.

In addition, Internet offers, including ADSL without telephone, have entered the homes of all and there is no house without connection.

Despite this explosion of technology there are still areas in Italy that do not have ADSL or optical fiber coverage. What to do in these cases? The only alternative solution is satellite Internet, which allows you to surf online at a good speed using satellite technology.

The quality of the service offered by the satellite Internet connection is averaged lower than the ADSL and has higher costs. In fact, you have to pay an installation kit and there are constraints related to the traffic that you can make every month in download or upload.

The gap between satellite Internet connection and ADSL connection, both in terms of performance and cost, is still wide enough at least in Italy. In Europe, in fact, this gap basically does not exist and there is almost no difference between ADSL connection and Internet via satellite.

On the other hand, satellite internet has the big advantage of being able to be used anywhere, since practically the entire planet is covered by satellite networks.

Satellite Internet, as mentioned, is very useful in those areas not reached by the normal network infrastructure, in fact it is used mainly by oil platforms site in isolated areas. So if you live in an isolated area, where the ADSL connection arrives at hiccups, the ideal solution is the satellite Internet connection.

By consulting an experienced technician or a company that deals with this type of installation you can choose the best solution for you. Now we find out more in detail what is the satellite Internet connection, how it works and when it is needed.

How does it work and when do I need it?

Satellite Internet: How does it work and when do I need it? But especially what are its advantages?

First of all, its use and its operation are very simple, because they are based on the use of a special satellite modem and a parabolic antenna aimed at the satellite, thanks to which you can access the network.

As already mentioned, it is usable everywhere, so it serves if you live in isolated areas where the ADSL connection is defective, if you go on vacation to the sea in a village isolated from everything and all or on holiday in the mountains in a hut where the ADSL connection is a chimera. Moreover, there are several companies that work abroad, in poorly developed countries, where lack of services and infrastructure and also the ADSL Internet connection.

In cases like these satellite Internet is an excellent solution to solve the problem of failure to cover ADSL. You only have to contact a good technician to install the satellite dish and choose between the various Internet offers.

Offers satellite internet: Tooway

In Italy Tooway is the leading company in the field of satellite Internet.

You can choose different options between the Internet offers, ranging from 30 to 80 euros per month based on the rate and the plan chosen and that guarantee an excellent navigation even in those areas where the ADSL coverage is totally absent.

Keep in mind that, in addition to the monthly fee, you also need to add additional expenses such as installation costs and the cost of activating the line, which can change according to the company that distributes the satellite kit.

The installation of the kit can be problematic, so to avoid trouble I recommend you to contact an installer technician or an expert company in this field. The internet offers for the satellite are different, of course you have to choose the one most suitable according to your needs and according to the use you intend to do.

Internet offers via satellite: All rates Tooway

There are numerous satellite Internet offers you can choose from.

The cheapest is Tooway 10, with 10 GB of monthly traffic, a navigation speed of 22 mega in download and 6 mega in upload. When you exceed the traffic threshold the connection speed is automatically reduced to 64 kbps in downloads and 64 kbps in upload at no additional cost.

Another of the offers of satellite Internet is Tooway 16 Lite, which offers more traffic however at a reduced speed of navigation. You have a connection of 10 mega in download and 2 mega in upload with 16GB of monthly traffic. Also in this case the connection speed is reduced to 64 kbps in downloads and 64 kbps in upload to exceed the limit without additional costs.

The Tooway 25 offer is suitable for those who have to make more use of the Internet, with 25 GB of traffic and a navigation speed of 22 mega in download and 6 mega in upload. From midnight until 6 in the morning traffic is unlimited, with an automatic reduction at 64 kbps in download and 64 kbps in upload to exceed the limit at no extra cost.

Here we arrived at the offer Tooway 40, with 40GB traffic to 22 mega with the same unlimited traffic bonus from midnight to 6am. Exceeded the monthly threshold the connection speed is reduced to 64 Kbps.

Finally, the most complete offer is Tooway Infinite, which offers a 22 mega satellite connection without any traffic limit.

On the company’s website there is a special rate calculator, thanks to which you can choose the most suitable plan for your needs. If you contact a technician for the installation of the satellite kit, you can take advantage of it and ask him for help choosing the best rate according to the use you make of the Internet. Once you have entered all your data and indicate the daily or weekly hours spent on the internet, you will have the most suitable offer for you.

Offer Internet via satellite: Open Sky

Now we have a clearer picture of the satellite Internet connection, how it works and when it is needed but there are still other offers to keep in mind.

Open Sky allows you to activate all the Tooway offers mentioned above without paying the rental of equipment, paying 40 euros occasionally for the activation of the line, 199 euro for the installation of the satellite kit and 50 euros for the delivery of the kit Tooway.

Among the offers of satellite Internet is particularly advantageous the open daily sky, thanks to which you can navigate at a speed of 8 mega in download and 2 mega in upload, without limits of traffic, paying 2.90 euros per day plus 9.90 euros monthly fee. Also, you have to add 40 euros to activate the service and 50 euros one off to activate the offer.

Again, with the help of a technical expert in internet rates, you can consult on the website of Open sky The rates for the offers of satellite Internet, with all its features, to choose the solution best suited to you.

In addition to these offers, sometimes there are very interesting promotions, which could be built to measure for you. Always keep your eyes open if you need a satellite Internet connection, you may find very convenient deals to solve the internet problem.