Are you a lover of renewable energies and do you believe in their environmental sustainability project? Not yet informed about energy efficiency in our beautiful country? The event EnergyMed from March 30th to April 1st in Naples, Overseas exhibition, is the event that is the case for you. This project, organized by Anea (The Neapolitan Agency for Energy and the Environment) and come to the X edition, promotes a vast conference programme and numerous special events with the best experts in the sector and representatives of the main companies to organize thematic workshops, B2B meetings and roundtables. For professionals in the sector it is therefore a relevant professional update, where it also takes advantage of trade between domestic and foreign companies, encouraging an increasingly profitable internationalization process.

How is it organized?

The exposition is divided into 4 exhibition areas where every visitor can enjoy detailed information and free presentations on the latest technologies. Ener efficiency is the exhibition area dedicated to energy efficient as a new way of designing, building and renovating; While recycle is a new exhibition and deepening area dedicated to the recovery of matter and energy from waste. For professionals, the Mobility section (Sustainable Mobility exhibition) is of great importance, offering companies a qualified showcase, characterized by a wide exhibition section and a rich programme of conferences involving the institutions, the world of research and the companies producing innovative technologies. Finally, the new automation sector, which intends to disseminate the opportunities for saving time, energy and work, thanks to the use of machines. So, the issues dealt with during this event are really many, let’s see some together.

Biomass and biofuels

The biomasses are derived from the waste of agricultural activities, which can be modified to obtain fuel or directly electricity and thermal energy. They represent a viable alternative of green energy because their production and transformation generates very pollutants, and their production is based on the use of functional plants, called biomass plants. It is also a growing sector, with constant innovations, such as biomass boilers, which pollute less, emitting the same amount of CO2 that the plant has absorbed growing. It is therefore less than the models with fossil fuels and the same can be said of biofuels, substances capable of generating energy, starting from the treatment of biomass. A valid example is bioethanol, highly flammable alcohol and produced from organic matter, very interesting both from an environmental point of view, and from an economic point of view, and therefore much appreciated by customers, as in the case of bioethanol stoves.


Bio-building is the set of measures that lead to the realization of buildings with a low environmental impact, able to guarantee comfort and well-being without equal thanks to the use of excellent thermal insulation made of natural materials, not hazardous to health. It is therefore the basic principle that leads to the insertion of all forms of renewable energy into our homes, from photovoltaic panels to geothermal. The houses in Bioedlizia are increasingly required but regulatory updates are not to be underestimated and therefore why not inquire about the scheduling of the event? In this regard, it could be very useful to participate in the free course on energy efficiency of public and private buildings.

Free Advice

The energy saving as well as being accompanied by a constant regulatory update, must be based on an excellent consultancy, so take advantage to get in touch with the best experts at the national level! You can ask for all the information on the consultancy activities with respect to the different types of renewable energies and to discover the new energy certification procedures. More and more people are interested in energy certificates to get incentives for real estate, so why not make it a business? Environmental consultants are a very good professional figure, for example you could expand your knowledge by taking advantage of the free training course for new energy labeling during the EnergyMed initiative.

Finally, it is really a valid project that puts you at the service of professionals in the sector to help them to have a constant update and in line with the normative parameters. The costs of participation are really content, the entrance costs 5 euros, and the training offer looks impeccable. It’s only up to you to choose the meetings you want to participate in, take advantage of it to visit the wonderful city of Naples and keep up with the market demands, meeting the best experts in the sector who are waiting for you from March 30th to April 1st with many conventions.