The accountant is an increasingly advanced professional figure in the economic sector, able to keep in order the accounting of a single professional or an entire company. The figure of the accountant has had an exponential growth in recent years and has demanded an increasingly thorough specialization, considering the various extensions of the economy in an increasingly global market. The accountant can be considered as the business manager of a private or a company, as he speaks, writes and interprets the accounting-financial language.

It is therefore an accounting professional, which monitors all controls, tax and accounting services, adapting to the demands of a complex and heterogeneous market. The specializations that companies can request to this figure are consultations, criminal investigations, international processes and even information on the environmental and digital economy, so lawfully you can ask whether the accountant is a simple accountant or a business consultant. We deepen the speech on this figure together.

The areas of specialization of the accountants

Most companies resort to accountants in daily or weekly activities for strategic consulting or business planning. The accounting sector is in fact booming thanks to the evolution of technology that has enabled professionals and companies to emerge, especially through mobile devices and cloud computing. This process of technologicalization of the compasses of the accountants allows the small and medium enterprises to expand their customer package, surpassing the regional, national and sometimes international boundaries. Specifically, we analyze what are the main areas of specialization of accountants, which is advisable to keep in mind to find the most suitable figure for a company or for an activity:

  • “Green” accountants: environmental policies and the reduction of pollutants push companies and multinationals to find eco-sustainable solutions that allow them to respect the environment, but at the same time to take advantage of bonuses and tax advantages arising from this environmental friendly policy. The accountant can provide tax advice and strategic consulting on environmental technologies to deliver a more comprehensive analysis of the company’s costs, trying to optimize them to the maximum.
  • Legal accountants: For business this figure uses accounting tools to eliminate internal fraud, analyzing personal records of potentially illegal activities, gathering evidence and preparing legal actions
    Accountants planners: Companies must constantly manage calls and financial measures. For this reason this figure is specialized in the preparation of public and private finance calls, since business plans and reporting are among those services that several companies in Italy require.
  • International accountants: The globalized economy requires the need to open up more and more to foreign and international companies to expand their markets. This figure, with a very thorough knowledge of international finance, investigates business traits and can offer valid information on the eventuality of mergers and global acquisitions of other foreign companies.
  • “Startupper” Accountants: startups are an increasingly effective means of growth and business planning. The new rules on startups in Italy ((D.L. N. 179/2012) and abroad requires more and more detailed knowledge, for this reason companies need the accountants “startupper” to develop and safeguard their business.

These are just some of the specializations of accountants, who can offer companies strategic advice in certain more sectoral areas. The role of accountants in the business world tends to guarantee a certain quality of information in accounting, tax and financial matters to companies and companies operating on the market. The corporate management is responsible for the financial information produced by the company, so the accountant is responsible for defending the quality of “financial reporting” directly at the source.
How can the accountant improve your business?

By to an accountant you can have a continuous tax consultancy, with the certainty of having the support of an experienced person for any question of economic-administrative type related to your company. Accountants then constantly monitor the health of a company’s accounting and reduce their costs by eliminating an internal accounting department. In addition to streamlining the structure of the company itself, it is possible to make other investments targeted in production and innovation thanks to the increased availability of funds.

Accountants may act as mediators to conclude the settlement of a company or company property and to issue payroll for employees. Accountants can then act as technicians specializing in the business management of legal and economic tasks.

The benefits of having an accountant for freelancers

Accountants are an indispensable figure for companies, from tax consultancy to strategic consultancy to business planning. However, even freelancers may need to rely on a professional to monitor their accounts on the basis of annual receipts and rewards obtained, as the accountant can provide very useful tax advice and suggestions based on the individual profession. Furthermore, it is also possible to consult an accountant for advice, clarification and elucidation of the processing of certain bureaucratic practices related to accounting and financial aspects.

In the light of the analyzed we can finally conclude that this figure cannot be regarded as a simple accountant, nor much less as a business consultant, but rather as a highly specialized figure able to range between legislature, sustainable economy, technology and globalization, allowing in this way to widen the prospects of companies and individuals in various sectors of the market.